How good do you have to be for the various activities?
All of our skates will take place in the streets, parks and paths of New York City. You MUST feel comfortable skating with a large group in traffic during the day and night, be able to stop and turn on all terrain, including hills when necessary, avoid street obstacles, and follow all traffic laws. All group skates will be for intermediate to advanced skaters. Unless otherwise stated, we will go at a moderate pace for distances of 12 to 20 miles on average per skate. However, we will make stops to drink water, rest and regroup. All of our skates will have a leader on the front and a sweep on the back, making sure that nobody is left behind. In addition, one of the advantages of skating in NYC is the easy access to public transportation. You can always bail-out and hop on a subway or hail a cab to meet us at the final destination. 

Bikers Welcome:
Bikers are welcomed as long as they keep in mind that skaters kick-out. Therefore, bikers must give skaters adequate space at all times, ride in the back, in front of skaters, or to the side. 

Is there anybody available to help me evaluate my skating capabilities for the skates? 
We do have certified instructors that you can arrange, or prearrange, lessons with. 

Should I bring night lights for skating? Blinking lights, Flashing wheels, Fluro vest, sequined jumpsuit, etc.
The easier it is for you to be seen at night, the better. Blinkies are required for the night skates. Light color/reflective clothing is advised. Night skates are not the time to try out your new black spandex skinsuit! Head lamps are always recommended at night. And as always, Helmets and wrist guards are required. The sequined jumpsuit is not required, but may be a fun outfit to wear as you glide through Times Square.

What else should I bring? 
Please see the “Skating Trip Check List“, which is a list of the items you should consider bringing to make your Big Apple Roll weekend perfect. 

Do I need insurance for skating? 
Skating has its risks and all participants will have to sign a waiver acknowledging that we all skate at our own risk. You may want to check with your own health insurance provider to see if you are covered for accidents outside your area. If you are coming from outside the US, you should check that your medical insurance covers you while on foreign travel.

Are we going to have late check out time at the hotel Sunday?
We’ve gotten the check out time pushed back to 1pm on Sunday. We may have one or two rooms for late showers after the skate, but we can’t guarantee that until the weekend. 

Should I become an Empire Skate Club Member? How do I do this?
You do not need to be a member to participate in the BAR skate. Skaters from all over the nation and world are encouraged to come have skating fun with us in the greatest skating venue in the world, the Skate Friendly World Skating Capital, New York City. 

If you want to support the Empire Skate Club and take advantage of all of its programs, you can find more information at www.empireskate.org. We have Empiristas living from throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America who evidently believe their membership in Empire is well worth it. 


*ALL Skaters must sign the skate waiver and wear a wrist band. 
FULL protective gear (helmet, wrist-guards, elbow & knee guards) is highly recommended. Helmets & wrist-guards are REQUIRED (but we can’t police this. It is YOUR responsibility).

More questions? Please contact us at info@bigappleroll.org and we will be happy to assist you.


The Big Apple Roll – www.bigappleroll.org 
Empire Skate Club of New York – www.empireskate.org
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