TER (Thursday Evening Roll)

Every Thursday evening (May through October), 6:45 pm, at Columbus Circle

The Thursday Evening Roll is Empire's friendly, casual recreational skate around the traffic-free Loop of Central Park. We have rest stops and water stops and no one gets left behind. The idea behind the TER is to skate at a speed where you can actually talk to your fellow skaters, enjoying their company and your surroundings. After we finish our Loop, we skate in the street to Westside Brewery on the west side of Amsterdam Avenue between 76th-77th streets for dinner, drinks and hanging out. Westside Brewery has good food, good prices and a fine selection of beers.

The TER meets at 6:45 pm at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park. We take off shortly after 7, when the traffic has calmed down. As always, we require the use of all safety equipment - helmets, wrist guards and blinkies.

If the weather is iffy, Call the SkatePhone at (212) 774-1774, ext 2 for the latest weather updates.

We are looking for volunteers to help lead the TER. If you would like to help, please contact TER coordinator Michael De Stefano. Email him at mdestefano@dot.nyc.gov or call 212.442.7138.

For more information on the Thursday Evening Roll, call the Empire Skate Club hotline at 212.774.1774 (ext. 2), or email us at empire@empireskate.org.

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