About BAR

PLEASE NOTE:   Empire Skate Club’s CRAB Apple Roll
Well, we’ve waited and waited, hoping things would drastically change, but we kinda knew it would come to this….
Nobody is happy about it, but at this point we know for sure that we will not be hosting the largely attended, unbearably fun skate weekend that the Big Apple Roll is typically known for. No host hotel, no planned social events, no sponsors or raffle, t-shirts, etc, etc. 😫😢😭😭😡😷
We will likely have two or three smaller skates during the weekend, just to keep with tradition. Probably Friday night & Saturday. Maybe others. We’re playing totally it by ear. But this year, smaller is definitely better!
As with ALL Empire skates currently being posted, masks will be REQUIRED, along with social distancing and respect for each other’s space. This has not been a problem with the Wednesday Night Skates we’ve had so far. I’m proud to say that everyone has been extremely respectful. THANK YOU and keep it up!!
We will keep you updated with the latest NYC CDC guidelines over the next couple of weeks.
Everyone PLEASE stay well and of course, KEEP SKATING!!!
WE MISS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Skaters (And Bikers*)!

July 29th – August 2nd, 2020: The Empire Skate Club of NY invites you to our 18th Annual Big Apple Roll (BAR) Skate Weekend in New York City!! We’re busy planning our biggest event of the year. Now five solid days of skating and it’s all TOTALLY FREE!! This year we’re celebrating the Year of the Rat AND NYC’s friendly urban “squirrels”. 


Hundreds of skaters will be joining us from all around the country and globe to skate, party, explore & experience the rush of New York City on skates.

We’ve got beautiful urban & natural scenery, rolling hills, historic bridges and fast straight-aways if you like…. City skating, island hopping, parks, nightlife and of course our skates through Times Square & Central Park. Central Park is also the heart of dance & slalom skating, where you can join or watch both for a truly unique experience.

There will be skates on Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday afternoon, Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. There will be activities in between skates and social gatherings at night, and of course some surprises. We will also have another HUGE raffle, including entries to major skate events & lots of other swag from our sponsors.

And because it’s such a HUGE part of our skate family, we’re now including NYC’s famous Wednesday Night Skate in the BAR! It’s a great way to kick off our event! Come a day earlier and join Empire’s (advanced) Tuesday Night Skate as well.

For the most up to the minute information, please RSVP on the
BAR Facebook page
. NOTE: Make sure to turn on ALL notifications for this event.

See our 2020 Sponsors here.Thank you to all of our very generous Sponsors & Donors!!!

If you have questions or want more information, send email to info@bigappleroll.org.


*ALL Skaters must sign the skate waiver and wear a wrist band. 
FULL protective gear (helmet, wrist-guards, elbow & knee guards) is highly recommended. Helmets & wrist-guards are REQUIRED (but we can’t police this. It is YOUR responsibility).

There is no registration fee for the 2020 BAR.


* Big Apple Roll is not for beginners. BAR 2020 is for intermediate to advanced skaters capable of easily handling street skating in groups, during the day and/or night, stopping and turning on all terrain, including hills, following all traffic laws.

* Cyclists are welcomed as long as they keep in mind that skaters kick-out. Therefore, bikers must give skaters adequate space at all times by riding in the back, front or side of the skaters.

Again, contact us at info@bigappleroll.org if you have any questions.