A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our wonderful, generous sponsors!!!
Sponsors donate money, services, skate equipment, accessories and Free or discounted entrance fees to skating instruction & events. We use many of these items as prizes in our raffle, which help pay for the whole event.
Where would we be without you??

The 2019 Big Apple Roll Was Sponsored by:

Skate & Clothing Shops:

Complete, Personal Attention!



Skates & Accessories:







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rollerbladeSkate Instruction:

Skate Farm VA


Skate IA


Skating Events:




Professional Services Donated by:


Web Hosting Services


Web Design Services

Jan Crittenden Livingston

Cookie Queen of past BARs. This year, it’s the first ever home-made BAR quilt!!

Thank you again to all of our very generous Sponsors & Donors!!!

If you would like to support the Empire Skate Club and NYC skating community or have questions, please contact us at info@bigappleroll.org