A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our wonderful, generous sponsors!!!
Sponsors donate money, services, skate equipment, accessories and Free or discounted entrance fees to skating instruction & events. We use many of these items as prizes in our raffle, which help pay for the whole event.
Where would we be without you??

Our 2021 Big Apple Roll Sponsors:

Skates & Accessories:

(Major 2021 Sponsor)


(Major 2021 Sponsor)










Local Businesses:



rollerbladeSkate Instruction:

Skate Farm VA


Skate IA


Skating Events:






Professional Services Donated by:


Web Hosting

Seth McCay

Graphic Design


Web Design


Thank you again to all of our very generous Sponsors & Donors!!!

If you would like to support the Empire Skate Club and NYC skating community or have questions, please contact us at info@bigappleroll.org


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Empire Skate Club of New York – www.empireskate.org
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